Veronica Gomez

The Queen


Veronica is stunning. Even at 16 years old, she makes heads turn. She’s 5’7" and she makes you notice her. She’s slender, curvey in the right places, with high rounded cheekbones, narrow jaw, impeccable skin, and a smile that would make your heart melt.

Her skin is just bronze enough to protect her from the sun and make everyone think her to be “exotic” without breaking from any cultural norms of beauty. In fact, with few exceptions, she hits them all.

For someone so young, she’s very aware of her poise and beauty. In fact, it’s very much by design. She craves the attention that her stunning looks give her. Her outfits vary from comfortably fashionable to outright beautiful. She does not, however, overreach her age and always keeps it “young and fun.”

She wears some jewelry, always has either her uber fashionable bookbag or an age appropriate purse of high fashion. Her main colors are navy, hot pink, lavender, and sea green. She is sparse on her make, only using minimal eye liner and lip gloss/lip stick.

She drives a moonlight blue audi A5 convertible, which she loves to drive around and show off in.


Veronica is the queen, indeed. She was born of well-to do parents, AnnaMaria and Guillermo (who goes by William), are hot-shot lawyers in town. It has given her some luxury growing up – nice clothes, solid education with extra curricular activities, and never wanting for anything.

But it was never enough. She always needed people too. Around her constantly. Some she bossed around. Others she catered to. But she always had sycophants around her. Elementary school, middle school, and now in high school. Her current clique is primarily comprised of three people, though there are some others that come and go.

Main Clique members:
Rocco Magliozzi
Samantha Rhodes
Sienna Gibsey-Visser

Veronica gives..and she takes. Luckily, all her clique-mates have influence and connections, which makes her life particularly interesting and, most importantly, in the middle of everything…which is exactly where she wants to be.

Veronica Gomez

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