Sienna Gibsey-Visser

The Fae


The Fae

Sienna is a mysteriously sexy genderfluid 16 year old. Her pronouns are whatever the fuck she feels like calling himself, and they don’t really care what you call them either. He has shoulder length dark brown hair that is curly, wavy or straight depending on her mood that morning. Their eyes are a piercing blue that make you think of music when you see them. She is tall (about 5’9") and lithe, moving with a casual grace. Her skin is somewhat pale, looking more like their Dutch immigrant mother (who’s brother donated the sperm) than their black/Cherokee mother (who provided the egg). 

He usually dresses in a blend of masculine and feminine clothing, always very stylish in an elegantly simple way. She favors flowy tunics or sweaters, tight pants, and usually some vintage or retro jewelry and accessories. She has a signature leather jacket for when they’re riding their 1967 Honda Black Bomber motorcycle. And of course, his hair just naturally falls perfectly into place when the helmet comes off. 



Sienna’s moms met 20 years ago in Plaza Matanza. Maggie Gibsey was a crunchy hippie half-black/half-Cherokee lesbian working as a waitress at a diner in Plaza Matanza, having grown up in the area. Janneka "Yonny" Visser was a Dutch immigrant who came to town to work at Huicmuse Marino Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research (HMC) as a young medical researcher due to her specialty in advanced genetics. They fell in love and were soon “married.”

With Yonny’s income, they bought out the local coffee shop that Maggie now runs, called The Spott. They soon decided to have a baby together, and named him Stefan. But within a few years, it became clear that Stefan wasn’t really a boy, and the uber-progressive lesbian moms let Stefan choose a new name and dress however she wanted. She chose Sienna because it was his favorite color of crayon.

Sienna’s style and looks made her very popular, and she fell in with Veronica Gomez and her clique. Veronica can be a little mean, but Sienna likes the chaos, and his tender heart has its own dark side. Plus, Queen Vee, Sammy, and Rocco are all crazy hot, and have always accepted Sienna just as she is. 


Sienna Gibsey-Visser

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