Samantha Rhodes

Veronica's Clique Member


Samantha looks like the girl next door, if the girl next door’s parents were loaded. Blond hair, light eyes, soft features, friendly, if not a little naive-looking. Unlike Veronica, she’s not captivating. She’s cute, not stunning.

She stands around 5’6", with a perky disposition. She’s likely to be wearing either cute tops and simple jeans or a sensible skirt and blouse combo. Samantha does like funky colors, like neon, orange, hot pink, and blues. She likes to have some additional height, wearing platform sneakers, wedges, and clunky heels that give her 1-3 inches.

She drives a Mercedes-Benz E-class 4matic coupe, polar white, with hello Kitty license plate frames and a floofy pink/white steering wheel cover.


Her parents are the richest in town. They own lots of real estate in town, parts of La Mision, and property around Northern California. It has given her a lifetime of privilege and comfort.

She hangs around Veronica because, despite her enormous wealth, she lacks the personality to draw the kinds of crowds that Veronica can. She loves throwing parties and using her connections to curry influence. She is one of the prime connections that Veronica has, both to money, VIP lounges in La Mision, and connections in general.

!!!Needs “darkness”!!!

Samantha Rhodes

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