Rocco Magliozzi

Veronica's Clique Member


Rocco is everything women talk about. Tall, dark, and handsome. He’s built hard, abs that go until tomorrow, and a bum that perfectly fits his very fashionable jeans. On occasion he’d wear a fashion sweater, but generally it was a simple t-shirt and a button-down un-opened or wrapped around his waist.

Rocco drives a cherry red Cadillac Escalade, impeccably clean and well take care of. No fuzzy dice, no personalization. Just clean.


Rocco’s mom, Stefania, is on the board of the local medical facility. Rocco’s dad, Andrea (goes by Andy) is a finance guy that telecommutes all over the world.

Rocco’s interests include doing crew, music, and clothing design. Unlike popular belief, he is not part of Victoria’s clique not to get play. He is there because that is what is expected of him. Being the pretty boy, popular, rich, he is supposed to join the most popular group. Everyone knows his family and he is expected to follow in either parents footsteps. Secretly he hates it. Not the clique, but the being known, the having his life set up for him. He desperately wishes he could just leave. Go to a big city, intern for a clothing designer and be a nobody for a while.

!!Need reason he would have joined clique, and what “darkness” looms inside him!!!
!!!Need pic!!

Rocco Magliozzi

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