Gineveive "Gin' DeVose

venomous with piercing eyes


“You know if you wanted me not to know you look through my journals, you really shouldn’t eat hummus while doing so” Gin throws a notebook at a stunning older (but not sure how old) Indian man. Catching the book and shaking out some crumbs,
“Welllll… I know how these fresh starts can take a toll, and I just wanted to see…”
“What? If I’ve gone to the dark side? Or worse! gasp Become a preppy teenager! … You could just ask you know.” while slumping onto a bar stool.
“Yeah, you know that I’m not very good at that sort of thing. I just want to make sure you are ok, don’t be mad?” Offering a peace chip loaded with hummus.
With a crinkled nose,
“I had hoped after Diane, that we could move past this whole vegan thing. I miss meat… Look, don’t worry about me, I’ve got this “fresh start” thing down. See look, I’m leaving to go find where all the “cool” teenagers hang out." As she quickly sidesteps the chip getting closer and grabs her keys. “Just need to find a good coffee place.”

Gineveive “Gin” DeVose is a slim 17 year old (4 schools in 6 years tends to mess with academics) with pale skin with a hint of something more, piercing blue eyes and dark hair. She, with her father, Tahir Khan, and little brother, Carl Jones, just moved to town.
Tahir is a very handsome man, who attracts… certain types. These types don’t usually last long and Tahir feels that a fresh start in a new town is just what everyone needs. In the last six years they have had four of these “fresh starts.” Before then it was actually a very settled life, with Carl’s mother Janie for 5 years. She was a good woman, good to Gin and loved her as her own. Sadly, the world had other plans for Janie and she passed.
Gin’s own mother died, or left (Gin can never get a straight answer out of Tahir), when she was 2. Most Gin knows is that her last name was DeVose, a French immigrant in Russia (or was it a Russian immigrant in France) and Gin is the very spit of her.
She still adores her father, despite his choices in women, (I mean a vegan, I mean really?) and completely devoted to Carl. Most trouble that Gin has had was only when she has gotten too hungry, or when someone messes with Carl.
Gin has developed a strategy with these “fresh starts” and that is to lay low and not make friends, as she is probably going to move in a few years anyway. So here, she will be playing the uninterested, emo teenager. Graduation is just two years away, she only has to survive that much longer.

Gineveive "Gin' DeVose

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